Convert from Oil to Natural Gas for Your Heating Needs

When thinking about natural gas, the main question that comes to mind is, which is the better choice? In the end, there are benefits to both, at Shotmeyer Bros, we can work with you to help find the system that best fits your needs.

Natural gas is a clean-burning alternative fuel that you can also use to power many of the appliances and systems in your home—reducing your electricity usage. In the kitchen, the high degree of control and precise temperatures you get with a gas range can't be beat. Natural gas is also a quick, efficient way to heat water for the dishwasher, washing machine, showers and spa tubs. When storms knock out the electricity, a natural gas-powered backup generator will keep your lights and everything else running until the utility companies can make repairs.

Making the switch typically takes a little more than two days, and Shotmeyer Bros.' technicians have the skills and training to make sure your conversion is done correctly, safely and with minimum disruption.

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