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Charles P. Shotmeyer

Company CEO Charles P. Shotmeyer has been with the company since 1952. His role at the company involves nothing less than leading and directing the Shotmeyer Family Companies to reflect an 86-year tradition of excellence in service to the company's customers and community. For Mr. Shotmeyer, every day at the company is a learning experience, and he loves working in a multi-faceted environment that constantly challenges him and keeps him on his toes. His other pastimes and activities include working with the Boy Scouts since 1948, serving on the Foundation Board of Valley Hospital, and assisting various non-profit and charity groups. He is a member of the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures and a Commissioner of the New Jersey District Water Supply.

Charles H. Shotmeyer

As Company President, Charles H. "Chuck" Shotmeyer brings a lifetime of experience and service excellence to Shotmeyer Bros. As a teenager, he worked alongside the servicemen and fuel drivers; then, following two decades of outside employment, he returned to the family business in 2008. He sees his job as leading his company to excellence, and discovering new ways to serve the heating and energy needs of the surrounding community. Shotmeyer also loves spending time outdoors, be it camping, playing sports, or simply making the most of each new season. He serves on the Board of Governors of the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation, the Ramapo College Foundation, and the Executive Board of the Northern New Jersey Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is also on the Board of Directors of Highland State Bank.

Eric Ehrman

Our general manager, Eric Ehrman has been with the company for 41 years now. He works with and supervises the managerial staff, and is responsible for ensuring that day-to-day operations go smoothly. He loves the fast pace of working at Shotmeyer Bros., and also the chances he has to use his managerial, accounting, problem solving, and real estate skills, all in the service of the company. In his spare time he designs and builds modified stock cars, and he is passionate about racing and boating.

Bruce Brotherston

A Shotmeyer Bros. team member for 38 years and counting, Bruce Brotherston is truly a jack-of-all-trades, currently working as a customer service representative, sales manager, and property manager. A certified customer service trainer, Bruce loves wearing different hats and contributing to the team in whatever ways he can. He is a member of the Pascack Historical Society and the USGA, and loves playing golf.

Mike Cielo

Service dispatcher Mike Cielo has been a Shotmeyer Bros. team member for the last 42 years. His job involves coordinating installations and dispatching service calls, which means he is one of the reasons why Shotmeyer Bros. has such prompt and efficient customer service. He is also certified in handling hazardous materials. Mike is a big fan of the Jets, the Mets, and the New Jersey Devils.

Mike Lill

Fuel dispatcher Mike Lill has been a member of the Shotmeyer Bros. team for 17 years. He coordinates delivery schedules with fuel drivers, manages various fuel accounts, assists with bookkeeping, and even serves as a customer service representative for Budget Truck Rental! Truly a man of many hats, Mike also loves playing softball, coaching his kids' baseball teams, hunting, fishing, and rooting for the New York Yankees.

Kathy Pass

Kathy Pass has served as our bookkeeper at Shotmeyer Bros. for 11 years and counting. Kathy loves contributing to the accounting team, and to the company as a whole, by overseeing fuel accounts and service billing. She is also the customer service representative for Budget Truck Rentals. When she's not providing superior accounting services and assisting customers to the best of her abilities, Kathy loves watching NASCAR and New York Rangers games, as well as bowling and rollerblading.

Linda Stefanczyk

Serving as the accounting office manager, Linda Stefanczyk has been with Shotmeyer Bros. for 14 years. In addition to overseeing operations in the accounting office, Linda serves as administrative assistant to both the President and the CEO of the company. She loves the diverse nature of her work, and the friendly atmosphere of the company. In her spare time, Linda loves reading, working crossword puzzles, exercising, and simply savoring time with family and friends.

Bruce Reiser

Service manager Bruce Reiser has been a valuable Shotmeyer Bros. team member for 34 years and counting. A gold certified technician with additional certification in handling Hazardous Materials, Bruce is responsible for surveying new oil-fired heating equipment as well as troubleshooting and servicing all oil-fired heating systems. When he's not busy providing excellent customer service and superb products, Bruce loves going to the beach or simply spending time with his grandchildren!

Bob Cochrane

A Shotmeyer Bros. service technician for more than 27 years, Bob Cochrane helps customers by troubleshooting and repairing oil-fired heating systems and installing new heating equipment, always providing prompt and polite customer service in the process.

Syd Marsden

A Shotmeyer Bros. team member for the past 11 years, service technician Syd Marsden is in charge of troubleshooting and servicing oil-fired heating systems of all kinds. He says his favorite part of the job is simply interacting with customers, solving tough problems and helping customers enjoy a great set of products. Passionate about helping those in need, both at work and outside of work, Syd is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Mike Crowe

With more than 23 years at Shotmeyer Bros., service technician Mike Crowe oversees the troubleshooting of oil-fired heating systems as well as service and maintenance. Though he is a skilled professional when it comes to heating equipment, Mike says his favorite aspect of the job is the people, and he loves meeting and assisting new customers every day. Mike also loves boating and sports of all kinds.

Ken Warr

Service technician and fuel driver Ken Warr has been with the company for 27 years, and says he loves working in the friendly, family-business environment. Among his duties, Ken lists troubleshooting and servicing oil-fired heating equipment, installing new heating systems, and delivering fuel. A CDL driver certified in handling hazardous materials, Ken loves providing superior products and excellent service. He is also the fire chief of the Waldwick Fire Department.

Russell Snyder

Russell Snyder has been with Shotmeyer Bros. for 34 years, and currently serves as a fuel driver and maintenance professional. A CDL driver and a certified hazardous materials handler, Russell says his favorite part of the job is the freedom he enjoys on the open road. When not working at Shotmeyer Bros., he serves as a firefighter and is a former fire chief.

John Susen

John Susen, a fuel driver and maintenance team member, has been with Shotmeyer Bros. for 21 years now. His job is split between fuel deliveries and property maintenance; he is a Class A CDL driver and the recipient of endorsements in masonry, carpentry, and more. In his spare time, John, who enjoys canoeing, hiking and camping, works with the Boys Scouts.

Neil Van Wageningen

Technician and fuel driver Neil Van Wageningen has been a Shotmeyer Bros. team member for 38 years. His role at the company encompasses the delivery of diesel fuel, assisting with building and property maintenance, and making general repairs. He loves the job because it allows him to meet so many new people and provide such an important service to the community. A CDL driver with endorsements in masonry, carpentry, and more, Neil loves nothing more than spending time with his granddaughter.

Jim Rose

A Shotmeyer Bros. team member for nine years and counting, Jim Rose works as a maintenance and service assistant. A certified forklift driver, Jim has a wide range of responsibilities which, include property maintenance and improvement as well as assisting the service department with heating system installations and removals. Jim is a big sports fan and loves attending sporting events of all kinds.

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